Andrei’s Line6 POD Tones

Andrei used the POD X3 to record all the electric guitar parts on Legacy. He spent several weeks fine tuning each tone to get the ideal tone. These tone files are available for download below!

Package includes 5 tones:

  1. Lead (Tight)
  2. Lead (Wet)
  3. Rhythm Crunch (LEFT)
  4. Rhythm Crunch (RIGHT)
  5. Simply Clean

ZIP file · 6 kilobytes · Line 6 Tone (.l6t) files

Legacy Demos

Hear the songs from Legacy in demo form! These raw demos were recorded during the writing stages as a means to preserve the songs in their infant forms. The majority of tracks have only piano and guitar and they are all instrumental (Mark, Ryan, Marco and Alison had not yet joined the group when these demos were recorded). We think you’ll be surprised at how different they sound from the final product. As a bonus this set will also contain the track “All I Tried To Do”, a song written by Andrei Kryssov that wasn’t fully developed in time to make the album.

Track Listing:

  1. I Live On - Demo [6:51]
  2. Never Forget - Demo [8:30]
  3. Mirrors Of You - Demo [6:21]
  4. Degrees Of Freedom - Demo [7:43]
  5. Elusive - Demo [5:01]
  6. Holding On - Demo [4:47]
  7. Proclivity - Demo [7:57]
  8. Legacy - Demo [11:31]
  9. Bonus: All I Tried To Do - Demo [4:49]

ZIP file · 144 megabytes · MP3 320kbps

Holding On (Radio Edit Version)

The single from Legacy cut down by about a minute in length. Our goal was to get the song under 4 minutes. We achieved this by significantly cutting down the Piano intro and shortening the Guitar solo. Enjoy!

9.85 megabytes · MP3 320kbps